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The top-of-the-line winter model guarantees a total impermeability thanks to the Outdry® technology which features a patented lamination process that bonds the waterproof membrane directly to the glove’s shell so your hand stays dry, warm, and comfortable. The perfect tting is complemented by the use of Primaloft®, 4oz thermal insulation on back and 4oz needled on palm. Back made of Spandex®, Kordura 330D and premium Goat DD leather and palm mainly made of leather for an utter suppleness. Bmb t wrinkle-free and seamless inner lining for a maximum comfort and grip. Integrated thermoplastic rubber protectors on knuckles and ngers. EVA padding on wrist. Reinforcements in Digital Leather on little nger and palm and in Chamude on thumb and palm. TPR protector on palm. Patches of innovative conductive material sewn into thumb and index ngertips allow wearer to use touchscreen devices. Visor wiper on the left glove to wipe o the rain. Wrist strap to stop gloves slipping o in a crash and velcro closures for a snug t over jacket arm. Re ective and hi-visibility inserts on ngers and elasticized inserts on ngers and back. CE 13594 : 2015 homologation. 


Colours: Black and Black/Grey


Sizes: to XS at XXXL 

ultratech outdry primaloft
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